Empirix gets patent for quality of experience scoring of telecommunication Services

Empirix Inc., a global provider of end-to-end analysis of voice and data services, has been granted US patent #US9853867 for its Quality of Experience (QoE) scoring method for telecommunication services, the company said.

Unlike any other scoring method, Empirix´s approach provides a single score, called “QoE Index”, that can estimate the overall acceptability of a service as perceived subjectively by the end user, based on passive and, optionally, active measurements.

This functionality complements the IntelliSight Analytics platform and automatically correlates with the full “events chain” that affects the QoE when a telecommunication network delivers services. It goes well beyond existing solutions which are limited to scoring the infrastructure´s Quality of Service and unable to score end user perceptions and expectations.

Empirix is the recognized provider of end-to-end network performance visibility with the unique ability to analyze customer behaviors by application in real time. We help service providers, mobile operators and enterprises optimize business processes to reduce operational costs, maximize customer retention and grow top-line revenue. Through monitoring, analytics and intelligence, Empirix helps companies around the world realize the full value of their technology investments.