Empirix enhances offering with end-to-end coverage of radio access network

Empirix, Inc. has signed an agreement for Operations Support System Interoperability Initiative (OSSii) with Ericsson.

Empirix will offer end-to-end coverage of the radio access network (RAN) with its powerful RAN Vision solution. This OSSii agreement augments Empirix´s set of available data sources; extends monitoring coverage to additional network elements that can be monitored (such as eNodesBs, PCRFs, and HSS); and provides a robust, holistic view to customers.

The Operations Support System Interoperability Initiative was formed to simplify interoperability between OSS systems in environments with multiple vendors, allowing for easier access to various data sources that would not otherwise be accessible. As a result of this agreement, Empirix will have access to multi-vendor data sources across a range of technologies and network elements.

Empirix provides end-to-end network performance visibility with the unique ability to analyze customer behaviors by application in real time.