Emergency Assistance Plus can protect against unexpected air ambulance costs

Worldwide Rescue & Security has announced the importance of extra insurance coverage to cover emergencies like air ambulance costs, the company said.

According to the Association of Air Medical Services, there are about 550,000 air ambulance transports in the US each year. However, some insurance policies may not cover the entire cost of the transport, leaving most Americans with a bill costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Even if the treating physician orders an air ambulance the transport is not automatically approved by the patient´s health insurance and are subject to the definitions of the insurance policy. That´s why it´s important for people to understand what exactly is covered by their health insurance policy and decide if extra coverage is necessary.

An Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) membership can provide necessary life-saving transport so customers aren´t responsible for the cost of an air ambulance and will not receive a surprise medical bill after the fact.

Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc., a division of AGIA Affinity Services, is a leading provider of emergency travel protection and rescue and security products. Each year, Worldwide Rescue & Security protects hundreds of thousands of customers in the event of a medical emergency or security situation.