EMC unveils new suite of global marine VSAT services

EMC has unveiled a new global Ku-band VSAT package of connectivity and content for ships at sea, optimized for the next-generation high-throughput satellite (HTS) networks that are now being deployed, the company said.

EMC´s SpeedNet technology solves the problem of latency in web access at sea. Using intelligent protocol and global backbone, SpeedNet fetches, compresses and pushes multiple layers of websites at once to local servers. The net result for the end-user is a browsing experience that mimics being on high-speed fiber. SpeedNet works in the background on mobile and desktop browsers, to accelerate page load times dramatically. SpeedNet is built into all EMC ship installations as a standard feature, not an expensive option.

EMC specializes communications and content for organizations and people on the move in the most remote locations. At sea, on land and in the air, the company provides seamless, reliable connectivity and access.