Embraer, FAB partner to study development of new light military transport aircraft

Embraer has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), which enables the study of the potential development of a new light military transport aircraft, the company said.

The study seeks to identify alternatives and solutions to meet FAB´s operational needs, especially in the Amazon region and austere environments, including unpaved, short and damaged runways located in remote areas. Relying on Embraer´s high level of innovation and technological capabilities, the study will also seek to explore new technologies to provide solutions to FAB´s extreme demands, such as different system architectures, innovative platform solutions, and hybrid-electric propulsion, among others.

FAB, which in 2019 received its first units of the modern KC-390 Millennium, a multi-mission tactical military airlifter, seeks with this study to complement and modernize its transport capabilities in the smaller segments, in order to broadly and completely fulfill Brazil´s needs.

According to the agreement, Embraer will carry out market studies for the development of the new aircraft, while FAB will provide its expertise in operating aircraft in this segment.