Embraer Executive Jets gets Legacy 650 order in Middle East

Embraer Executive Jets said it has received an order for a new Legacy 650 large jet to an undisclosed customer, based in the Middle East.

This order adds to the 29 Legacy 650s and Legacy 600s that are currently operating in the Middle East. The aircraft is scheduled to be received at the end of 2015 and will be managed by Titan Aviation Group, a global aviation specialty service provider headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.

The 45 aircraft represents about 20 percent of the fleet of privately-owned business jets in the region aged under 10 years. Embraer Executive Jets also has a robust and comprehensive customer support and services network globally, with two authorized service centers in the Middle East.

The Legacy 650, an enhanced version of the Legacy 600 with longer range, lower cabin noise and latest interior and avionics features, entered into service in late 2010. There are currently more than 270 Legacy 650 and Legacy 600 present globally.

The large Legacy 650 comfortably carries up to 14 passengers with privacy in three distinct cabin zones, and premium acoustic comfort.

Embraer is one of the world´s leading executive jet manufacturers, having entered the business aviation market in 2000 with the Legacy jet, which led to the launch of Embraer Executive Jets in 2005.