Embraer delivers first E195-E2 jet to Binter

Binter Airlines has announced its receipt of the first of five E195-E2 model aircraft from Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, the company said.

The aircraft were acquired a year ago by the Spanish airline Binter as part of the Canary Islands company´s growth of long-distance flights.

The objective of improving the connectivity of the Canary Islands with other countries, Binter has invested some 342 million in the five jets. The E195-E2 is the largest of the three jets in the Embraer E-Jets E2 family and was certified by the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States and the European Aviation Safety Agency.

In recent years, Binter has increased its staff from 400 to 1500 and has acquired 41 aircraft. The company´s sustainability is to minimize the environmental impact of its activities by purchasing less polluting aircraft and ground vehicles and eliminating the use of plastics.