Embention, Sagetech partner to provide situational awareness certification in UAVs

Sagetech Avionics has announced a partnership with Embention, a supplier of critical components for unmanned vehicles to enable Embention to offer full certified situational awareness during the piloting of UAVs, the company said.

The partnership with Embention to provide the smallest, most durable avionics suite for drone manufacturers,” said Sagetech Avionics CEO Tom Furey.

Embention chose Sagetech transponders because of its proven compatibility with its flagship solution, the Veronte Autopilot. Veronte is a miniaturized, high reliable, DO178C & DO254 compliant avionics system designed for advanced control of unmanned systems. Sagetech transponders integrate seamlessly with Veronte, providing the user with detect and avoid capabilities and a repealing force that prevents the drone from entering restricted airspace or collisions with other aircraft.

Sagetech Avionics is a developer and manufacturer of miniature aviation transponders.