eM email client adds PGP encryption for more secure emailing

In the US, our digital lifestyles and multiple email addresses have many people embracing email client applications that consolidate multiple email accounts, offer real-time calendars and live chat, and manage contacts across devices, the company said.

At the same time, privacy concerns are growing and consumers want better ways to protect their email correspondence from malware, packet sniffing and other malicious activity.

To reduce risk and increase security for its more than 1 million email users, eM Client, a third-party email client application provider, has added support for the OpenPGP (also known as Pretty Good Privacy or PGP) signing and encryption standard in its eM Client 7.1 release.

eM Client already supports S/MIME, but PGP is preferred by some users. In contrast to S/MIME, it is common for each PGP user to create his or her own key pair, so no third-party authority is required.

PGP was the first major strong cryptographic technology designed to be used by everyday computer users. An OpenPGP open standard later evolved from the PGP technology. The two components of PGP, signing and encryption, are often combined and prove that a sender´s email was created by the sender, limits and identifies potential tampering, and ensures that the target recipient only will be able to read the message.

Founded in 2006, eM Client develops modern,-edge e-mail client software that supports all major e-mail providers and is easy to use. eM Client is intuitive, but fully loaded with useful features.