Elliptic Labs sensor technology featured in Asian OEM

Elliptic Labs´ innovative INNER BEAUTY® AI Virtual Smart Proximity Sensor technology will be an integral component in a new smartphone series from a top Asian OEM, the company said.

This top-five smartphone manufacturer will deploy Elliptic´s INNER BEAUTY AI Virtual Proximity Sensor on its upcoming mid-end model, replacing the traditional infrared hardware proximity sensor with Elliptic Labs´ ultrasound-based software. Elliptic Labs´ design win will enable this OEM to achieve a full-screen design without compromising on aesthetics or power requirements.

Elliptic Labs is a global company and the world provider of AI virtual sensors for the smartphone, IoT, and automotive industries. Elliptic Labs transforms products using machine learning and/or sensor fusion to combine ultrasound with data from existing device sensors to produce smarter, greener, safer and more intuitive devices. For more information visit: www.ellipticlabs.no