Elliptic Labs Gets Software License Contract

Elliptic Labs has announced that it has signed a contract in a new design win that will incorporate Elliptic´s INNER BEAUTY AI Virtual Proximity Sensor into a smartphone model for a top Asian OEM, the company said.

INNER BEAUTY is just one of several virtual smart sensors that Elliptic Labs provides OEMs that deliver greater user functionality and cleaner, sleeker phone designs. Another such example is INNER REFLECTION, a pioneering virtual presence sensor that offers sub-millimeter precision capable of detecting a person breathing.

Elliptic Labs is a global AI software company and the world provider of AI virtual sensors for the smartphone, IoT, and automotive industries. Elliptic Labs transforms products using machine learning and/or sensor fusion to combine ultrasound with data from existing device sensors to produce smarter, greener, safer and more intuitive devices. For more information, visit: www.ellipticlabs.com