ellAntenna cell phone control system

CellAntenna International LLC has launched CA-STINGER 5G, a full cell phone control system designed for use only by law enforcement agencies, the company said.

The CA-STINGER 5G has all cell phone protocol capability natively including GSM, UMTS, LTE, both TDD and FDD, and has technology refresh capability ready for 5G.

As part of the innovation of CellAntenna´s Guardian Service providing detection of illegal cell phones in a prison and reporting illegal cell phone information to the carriers for disconnection, the CA-STINGER 5G is offered in response to FCC rules issued last month allowing for the ease of use of cell phone control equipment in correctional facilities.

The CA-STINGER 5G, a multi-SDR (software defined radio) system, is designed to replicate the cellular network providing IMSI catching, direction finding and white/black controlling cellphone access. The system can be installed to protect secure indoor environments such as government buildings and correctional facilities. In support of law enforcement operations, a battery powered portable man-pack, belt worn units and drone mount configuration is available, involving search and rescue or tracking of criminals.

A vehicular rack mounted high power CA-STINGER 5G provides a multi-radio multiband system controlling cell phones large areas for homeland security purposes.

Headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida, CellAntenna International LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of CellAntenna Corporation, designs and manufactures tethered drones and high power amplification solutions for the control of cell phones designed for use by government agencies both domestic and overseas.