Element 1 Corp, CO-WIN Demonstrate China's First Fuel Cell System in a 5G Telecom Application

Element 1 Corp (“e1”), a developer of hydrogen generation technology, has announced that CO-WIN Hydrogen Power company Limited (COWIN) has incorporated e1´s methanol-based hydrogen generation technology into a fuel cell system providing backup power to a 5G China Mobile 10kW telecom demonstration system in China, the company said.

It is believed that this is the first fuel cell system incorporated into a 5G telecom application in China and possibly anywhere in the world.

China Mobile, an active partner in the demonstration project, is the world´s largest mobile network operator with over 900 million subscribers. The demonstration system incorporates China Mobile 5G equipment and is located at the Tianhe Science Park in Guangzhou, China. This project is intended to support future commercial-scale utilization of hydrogen-based fuel cell power in 5G telecom systems throughout China and beyond.

Element 1 designs and develops novel processes to enable commercialization of clean-energy products and processes, and alternative-energy technology. Through licensing to strategic partners, its mission is to significantly reduce barriers to the adoption of hydrogen technology and fuel cells for a range of applications, and to reduce the waste and pollution associated with flaring natural gas. For more information about Element 1, visit www.e1na.com.