Electric Imp introduces impCellular Service

Electric Imp Inc., a global leader providing secure edge-to-enterprise cloud IoT connectivity, has announced impCellular, bringing seamless and cost-effective cellular communication to its security-first IoT platform, the company said.

Unlike other cellular IoT solutions on the market, impCellular leverages Electric Imp´s unique platform architecture to drastically simplify the process of developing, shipping and maintaining cellular connected devices. With impCellular, customers are never exposed to SIMs, activation, complex price plans or burdensome carrier requirements; connectivity is as easy as applying power.

Building on Electric Imp´s heritage in WiFi and Ethernet connected devices, hybrid operation modes are also supported, allowing devices to opportunistically — and securely — use lower cost networks when available. For example, telematics applications can send high volumes of buffered sensor data over WiFi when a truck is at a loading bay, but only send location data and alerts over cellular when moving. Cellular backup can also be used to improve the reliability of stationary applications, such as smart vending machines.

Electric Imp helps more than 100 manufacturers and enterprises transform the world through the power of secure IoT connectivity. Over a million devices have been built with our highly secure platform as a service, with devices deployed and managed in 105 countries. Our unique solution – featuring fully integrated hardware, OS, security, APIs and cloud services purpose-built for the IoT – dramatically decreases cost and time to market while increasing security, scalability, and flexibility. Electric Imp, founded in 2011, is located in Los Altos, California, and Cambridge, England. For more, visit https://electricimp.com.