Elcomsoft Password Digger decrypts Mac OS keychains

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. said it has released Elcomsoft Password Digger, a Windows tool to decrypt the content of Mac OS X keychains.

The tool can decrypt the content of system and user keychains, exporting full information into an unencrypted XML file or building a plain text dictionary for using with password recovery tools.

Mac OS uses system keychain to keep Wi-Fi passwords and other system-wide data. Passwords to webites and accounts (including Apple ID password), VPN, RDP, FTP and SSH passwords, passwords to mail accounts including Gmail and Microsoft Exchange, passwords to network shares, and iWork documents are stored in user keychain. Extracting the user´s Apple ID password can enable access to iOS backups stored in Apple iCloud.

Elcomsoft Password Digger decrypts and exports system and user keychains. The tool dumps information from the keychain into a plain, decrypted XML file containing all records complete with all fields such as the URL, creation and last access time, login, password, and other relevant fields.

Decrypting user keychain requires the user´s Mac OS login and password or keychain password. A decryption key extracted from the Mac OS computer is required to decrypt system keychain.

Attacking many types of passwords is impossible without a quality dictionary. Elcomsoft Password Digger can build a highly relevant password dictionary by extracting passwords stored in the keychain and saving them into a plain, filtered text file.

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