EIZO releases graphics solution for airborne-ISR customers

EIZO Rugged Solutions Inc. (formerly Tech Source, Inc.) has introduced a high performance NVIDIA CUDA-based 3U VPX graphics processor combined with an XMC form factor single board computer (SBC) to create a powerful single-slot 3U VPX GPGPU solution, the company said.

Currently there are two SBC configurations, the Condor GR3-C3 3U VPX and Condor GR3-X7 3U VPX supporting an Intel i3 or i7 processors, respectively. Other SBC configurations will be supported in the near future.

The Condor GR3 3U VPX rugged conduction-cooled graphics module/SBC was developed for an airborne reconnaissance application where size, weight, and power (SWaP) were key considerations. It hosts the NVIDIA GeForce GTX-950M processor which offers 640 CUDA cores, 1,271 TFLOPs of floating point performance, and 4 GB of GDDR5 graphics memory. The Condor GR3 3U VPX card supports multiple I/O interfaces including Ethernet, RS-232, USB, and SATA.

Multiple variations are available through customer configuration for balancing CPU and GPGPU performance requirements.

EIZO Rugged Solutions develops graphics and video solutions for air traffic control, military, and embedded applications. The company offers a range of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, including graphics processors targeted at GPGPU applications, video input solutions, video compression and streaming boards, imaging cards, recording solutions and software libraries.

EIZO designs and manufactures its core MIL-STD-810 graphics and video products in the USA from its facility in Altamonte Springs, Florida and serves customers in defense, security, aerospace, avionics, transportation, maritime, and industrial markets.