Eisen Agency to direct branding, national marketing campaign for Flamingo Air

Premier public relations and marketing firm The Eisen Agency said it has secured Cincinnati-based airline and training school Flamingo Air, and will direct the branding, marketing, online and experiential marketing for the Lunken-based business.

Flamingo Air has a variety of services ranging from their educational flight school and ground school, to providing scenic flight tours of Cincinnati. The Eisen Agency will help Flamingo Air´s marketing communication efforts by sharing information to key industry based, local and national publications.

Eisen will also assist Flamingo Air with rebranding to enhance the airline´s image with key customers and clientele. Flamingo Air CEO David MacDonald sees tremendous potential and hopes to grow his business with a little help from the Eisen team.

Flamingo Air has been operating since 1991 and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio out of Lunken Airport. The “Flightseeing Tour” business also trains future professional or hobbyist pilots through its flight school, and its Airline Ground school is one of the world´s largest Dispatcher Certification Training Schools.

The Eisen Agency is an award winning branding and branded communications firm, with offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Northern Kentucky.