EEOC sues United Airlines for discrimination against pilot's right to choose Refuge Recovery

US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has announced it has filed a suit against United Airlines for allegedly discriminating against a pilot with alcoholism, for requiring him to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings despite his objection to their alleged religious nature, the company said.

In a complaint filed in the United States District Court for New Jersey, the EEOC said United refused to allow the pilot, David Disbrow, to instead attend meetings of the Buddhist-oriented support group, Refuge Recovery, in order to earn back a medical certificate he needed to fly. (EEOC v. United Airlines Inc., Civil Action No. 20-cv-9110)

Refuge Recovery is a non-profit, peer-led program of recovery from all forms of addiction. Refuge Recovery World Services is not a party to this lawsuit. It does not take positions in legal matters where it is not a party.