EDM secures order to manufacture CEET for major US airline

Manchester, UK-based EDM has won a contract from a major US airline to manufacture a combination B787/B777 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET), the company said.

Designed to meet the training requirements of the airline and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), the CEET will be manufactured at EDM´s headquarters in Manchester. The training simulator will enable cabin crew to be comprehensively trained in B787/B777 emergency procedures (SEPs) including fire and smoke training, door and exit operation, secure cockpit procedures and emergency equipment usage.

The main CEET structure will be a generic wide body fuselage, built to a modular construction to facilitate its transportation and installation. The trainer will include 6 training doors in total with the front left and right doors fully functional B787s and the rest fully functional B777s.

The CEET will also be fitted with SEPTRE, EDM´s industry-leading audio-visual system that enables even higher levels of cabin crew training through the provision of pre-programmed emergency scenarios such as aborted take-off, engine fire, gear collapse, ditching and decompression.

Once completed, the CEET will be shipped and installed at the airline´s aviation training academy in the United States.

EDM is a global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation, defence, rail and other industries. The company provides airlines with Door Trainers, Cabin Service Trainers, Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers and Full Size Mockups, and defence organisations with Procedure Trainers, Maintenance Trainers, Ejection Seats, Simulators and Full Size Replicas.