EDM completes design review with China Eastern Airlines

EDM, a global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation and defence sectors, has successfully completed a Critical Design Review (CDR) with China Eastern Airlines for the build of two B787 Door Trainers, the company said.

EDM announced its contract win with China Eastern Airlines earlier this year. A team from the airline visited EDM last month to conduct a detailed technical review of the project to ensure that the two B787 Door Trainers are now ready to proceed to the manufacturing phase and that agreed performance requirements are met.

The Door Trainers will be specifically used to train cabin crew in the safe operation of the exit door of the B787 Dreamliner under a variety of normal, abnormal and emergency conditions. Once completed they will be shipped and installed at China Eastern Airlines´ cabin crew training academy in Shanghai, China. EDM has previously manufactured an A320 and two B777 Door Trainers for China Eastern Airlines. The company is the supplier of cabin crew training simulators in China and the rest of the world.

EDM is a global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation, defence, rail and other industries. Combining the highest engineering standards with-edge technologies, EDM provides airlines with Door Trainers, Cabin Service Trainers, Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers and Full Size Mockups and defence organisations with Procedure Trainers, Maintenance Trainers, Ejection Seats, Simulators and Full Size Replicas. Serving organisations worldwide from its UK headquarters, EDM is committed to delivering exceptional quality and value to its clients to help them enhance safety and operational efficiency.