EDM awarded A320 door trainer order from global training provider

EDM has won an A320 Door Trainer order from a leading global training provider, the company said.

The door trainer will be used to train airline cabin crew to become proficient in the safe operation of A320 aircraft emergency exits and doors including procedures for normal, abnormal and emergency scenarios. The door trainer will simulate all faults that may be encountered on an aircraft door including handle and door jam, power assist failure and slide deployment failure.

After being manufactured at EDM´s facility in Manchester, UK, the A320 door trainer will be shipped and installed at the customer´s Aviation Academy in Europe.

EDM is a global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation, defense, rail and other industries. EDM provides airlines with door trainers, cabin service trainers, cabin emergency evacuation trainers and full size mockups and defense organizations with procedure trainers, maintenance trainers, ejection seats, simulators and full-size replicas.