Edgewater Wireless reveals artificial intelligence radar for WiFi

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. (YFI; TSX.V) (OTCQB: KPIFF), the developer of WiFi3â„¢ ultra-wideband, multi-channel WiFi for high-density/high-interference wireless applications, has announced the company´s Artificial Intelligence Radar (A.I.R.) module leveraging Galgus Cognitive Hotspot Technology, the company said.

Edgewater Wireless aeraâ„¢ access point products will offer A.I.R. as a standard feature to deliver the world´s first intelligent, real-time device tracking within any network coverage zone.

A.I.R. uses an in-real-time artificial intelligence engine to learn from and adapt to any network environment or coverage zone with no setup required by the network operator. A.I.R. relies on patent-pending advanced algorithms to detect, range and track any WiFi-enabled device without the expense of additional monitoring hardware and no additional demands on network throughput or performance. A.I.R.´s intelligence engine automatically learns and adapts to the physical location or floor plan of any WiFi environment — with or without line of sight, and is accurate to within 6ft.

Edgewater Wireless develops and commercializes edge technologies and intellectual property for the communications market. Edgewater Wireless delivers advanced product solutions designed to meet the high-density, high quality of service (QoS) and high-reliability needs of service providers and their customers. Leveraging over twenty (20) patents, Edgewater´s WiFi3â„¢ is redefining Wi-Fi technology with its wide-band, multi-channel radio and high-capacity Access Point solutions, and delivering next generation Wi-Fi, today.

Galgus develops and markets an unique WiFi technology that is currently being used by numerous OEMs and system integrators worldwide to deliver high-performing WiFi networks. Galgus´ Cognitive Hotspotâ„¢ Technology (CHT) is an embedded generic software that makes WiFi networks intelligent and optimizes spectral efficiencies for WiFi routers and Access points (APs).