Edgewater Wireless and Galtronics build multi-channel WiFi antennas

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. (TSX.V: YFI), in close collaboration with Galtronics – a subsidiary of Baylin Technologies (TSX: BYL), has recently completed production of the world´s first antenna solution designed specifically for multi-channel WiFi products, the company said.

The innovative antennas are designed to work with OEM products powered by WiFi3 Multi-channel radio cards and chipsets.

The unique antenna design has been integrated into Edgewater Wireless aera series of access points and are available in the aera3, aera4 and aera6 product variants. The antennas have also been integrated into a reference design for an innovative product being developed in partnership with an OEM and licensing customer.

The internalized multi-channel antenna can easily be integrated into any series of WiFi3 powered OEM wireless products. The antennas maximize the zone control and performance of each channel operating on a multi-channel WiFi radio – optimizing performance of such innovative features as PowerZoningâ„¢ and the company´s patented interference mitigation technology.

Backed by over 20 patents, Edgewater´s WiFi3â„¢ is the best solution for high-density WiFi applications. Edgewater´s patented technology mitigates adjacent and co-channel interference to enable multiple, concurrent channels to transmit and receive from a single WiFi standards-compliant radio. Delivering the highest channel density in the industry means fewer access points to deliver the highest Quality of Service (QoS) for users.

Edgewater Wireless develops and commercializes edge technologies and intellectual property for the communications market. Edgewater Wireless delivers advanced product solutions designed to meet the high-density, high quality of service (QoS) and high-reliability needs of service providers and their customers. Leveraging over twenty (20) patents, Edgewater´s WiFi3â„¢ is redefining Wi-Fi technology with its wide-band, multi-channel radio and high-capacity Access Point solutions, and delivering next generation Wi-Fi, today.

Galtronics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Baylin, is a global pure play antenna company. With a laser focus on being the best in the industry, Galtronics designs antennas of the highest quality that will solve your complex challenges.

Baylin (TSX: BYL) is a global wireless technology management company. Baylin focuses on design, development, manufacturing and delivery of wireless products and services.