Edgewater Networks gets ITSPA's 2017 Best VoIP Innovation Award

Edgewater Networks, a provider of network edge orchestration, was presented with the 2017 Best VoIP Innovation Award by UK-based Internet Telephony Services Providers´ Association (ITSPA) for its subscription-based Network Edge Orchestration delivery model, Cloud2Edge Complete, the company said.

Cloud2Edge Complete offers Network Edge Orchestration as a Service to lower the cap-ex burden for service providers and VARS deploying Unified Communications (UC) in the Small and Medium Enterprise market.

UC providers are able to deploy Network Edge Orchestration to scale deployments and use real time service quality management to increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

Network Edge Orchestration is a hybrid cloud-edge approach to security, service quality management and analytics. The cloud-based EdgeView Service Control Center, can be housed in the providers´ cloud or managed by Edgewater Networks and offers the ability to centrally monitor and manage all voice, video, and data traffic from the core network to every VoIP endpoint.

The customer premises-based EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge actively monitors, secures, and optimizes service quality.

Cloud2Edge Complete bundles together the two primary components of Network Edge Orchestration with Edgewater Networks´ professional service and ongoing hardware and software maintenance for a single, monthly. With Cloud2Edge Complete, customers are able to pay for only what they need, as usage is pooled and aggregated at the account level rather than then device-level.

Founded in October 2002, Edgewater Networks enables IP-based voice, video and data services. Service providers and enterprises of all sizes use Edgewater Networks solutions to simplify customer premise configurations for quick and smooth installations, reduce time to market and deliver rapid return on invested capital.