Edgecore Networks contributes transponder design to Telecom Infra Project

Edgecore Networks®, the provider of open networking, has announced its contribution to the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) of the hardware design for the “Cassini” packet transponder, the industry´s highest capacity and first modular open-source whitebox packet transponder offering a flexible mix of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) packet switching ports and 100/200 Gbps coherent optical interfaces for data center interconnect and service provider backhaul use cases, the company said.

Cassini was developed by Edgecore Networks with optical companies– NTT Electronics, Acacia Communications, and Finisar Corporation– and will support disaggregated software options including IP Infusion OcNOSâ„¢ and open source alternatives.

Demonstrating the benefits of collaborative development on open platforms, NTT Electronics worked with Edgecore Networks to develop an ACO line card for the Cassini platform. The ACO line card incorporates NTT Electronics´ ExaSPEED 200 DSP enabling high performance coherent optical connections over metro and long-haul distances.

As an open network platform, Cassini will support disaggregated software options including OcNOS from IP Infusion, a whitebox switching NOS optimized for service provider and data center interconnect use cases. For SDN controller-based deployments, Edgecore provides open source software for its whitebox leaf/spine switches and PON OLT products, and now for the Cassini packet transponder, to enable those disaggregated hardware products to be managed through the ONOS® SDN controller and associated applications, for example, in CORD infrastructures.

The Cassini packet transponder is a 1.5RU form factor with system throughput of 3.2Tbps based on Broadcom StrataXGSâ„¢ Tomahawkâ„¢ Plus switch silicon. The Cassini design offers sixteen fixed 100 Gigabit Ethernet QSFP28 ports, plus eight line card slots to incorporate a flexible mix of additional 100GbE ports or ACO/DCO optical ports based on coherent DSP and optical transceivers from optical technology partners.

Cassini supports Ethernet and optical line cards with MACsec security to enable secure encrypted connections on both client-side links and metro or wide area connections. The following line cards can be added as required, providing the network operator with a scalable pay-as-you-grow platform.

Edgecore Networks Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, the network ODM. For more information, visit www.Edge-Core.com.