EclecticIQ Fusion Center harnesses power of ATT&CK Framework

EclecticIQ, the global enabler for threat intelligence-powered cyber defenses, has announced the integration with MITRE´s ATT&CKâ„¢ (Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge) Framework, the company said.

The integration allows for improved insights into tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) of adversaries.

The integration with MITRE´s ATT&CK framework creates equivalent STIX entities in EclecticIQ Platform. These entities are used as a common ontology to identify the specific activities of actors and capabilities so that overlaps can be identified.

EclecticIQ is a strong proponent of community and standardization efforts within cyber security, and supports threat intelligence sharing, such as STIX and TAXII. By embracing ATT&CK, EclecticIQ hopes to encourage other community members to make use of this curated knowledge base and help turn it into an industry standard.

EclecticIQ enables intelligence-powered cybersecurity for government organizations and commercial enterprises. We develop analyst-centric products and services that align our clients´ cybersecurity focus with their threat reality. The result is intelligence-led security, improved detection and prevention, and cost-efficient security investments.

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