ECI, Media Commerce deploy national packet-optical backbone across Colombia

ECI, a global provider of ELASTIC Network solutions for service providers, utilities and data center operators, has partnered with Media Commerce, the largest telecommunications operator of fiber optic networks in Colombia, to deploy packet-optical metro and aggregation networks nationwide, the company said.

The infrastructure is comprised of a combination of ECI´s Apollo (OPT) and Neptune (NPT) family of products all intuitively managed by ECI´s LightSOFT NMS.

Media Commerce was founded a little more than a decade ago in Colombia. Since its inception it has grown consistently by acquiring local operations and building networks for operators. They have regularly invested in upgrading their fiber optic infrastructure in order to provide suitable coverage to both business and private networks regionally. Media Commerce is now one of the largest telecom operators in the region.

ECI´s Apollo suite provides a state-of-the-art, transparent and flexible DWDM transport with integrated packet services. Apollo combines high performance, low-latency, OTN transport and OTN switching, with software configurable optical routing, for maximum efficiency. A combination of Apollo 9603 and 9608 will lay the basis for the optical backbone.

ECI´s Neptune family of products, which offer packet transport with integrated optics, will provide the transport in the metro rings. The products are carrier, MPLS-based, multi-service packet transport platforms, for best-in-class solutions for the metro. Equipped with a broad mix of interfaces, NPT offers cost-optimized, multi-service packet transport, supporting delivery of both packet and TDM-based services over a converged packet infrastructure.

Media Commerce is focused to provide technological solutions to all productive sectors in Colombia and Latin America, as a company in the market, promoting the development of our human talent, aimed at providing customer satisfaction, meeting the expectations of shareholders and committed to the continuous development of the society.

ECI is a global provider of ELASTIC Network solutions to CSPs, utilities as well as data center operators. Along with its long-standing, industry-proven packet-optical transport, ECI offers a variety of SDN/NFV applications, end-to-end network management, a comprehensive cyber security solution, and a range of professional services. ECI´s ELASTIC solutions ensure open, future-proof, and secure communications. With ECI, customers have the luxury of choosing a network that can be tailor-made to their needs today as well as be seamlessly and cost effectively upgraded to future requirements.