ECD Offering 15% Discount on Disposables

Stanmore, Middlesex, UK 10/03/2011 – Electronic Cigarette Direct, an online e-cigarette retailer featuring VAPESTICK brand products, has announced a special offer on disposable models which could save customers significant amounts of money. The special deal is in relation to their V1 disposable e-cigarette which is now available in a 10-count pack for just £85.00, a savings of 15% over the normal cost of buying each disposable unit separately.

Disposable e-cigarettes work exactly the same as refillable models except for the fact that when they are empty you simply throw them away. Just like their refillable counterparts they consist of a battery, atomiser unit, e-liquid, and a mouthpiece. As an added bonus, V1 electronic cigarettes utilize a glowing blue tip rather than orange or amber. In this way it is easier for others who might be around the user to understand tobacco is not being used.

For those unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes, these devices are quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to tobacco. They utilize a small atomiser unit, similar to a medical vaporizer, to transform nicotine-based liquid into a mist. When the electronic cigarette user inhales, he draws in this mist and then exhales water vapour. The best electronic cigarettes, like those made by VAPESTICK, produce a realistic mist cloud that not only looks like real smoke, but also provides the same throat hit and sensation as tobacco.

In the UK, electronic cigarettes are allowed in most places where tobacco is not. That means they are a great alternative for smokers who are negatively affected by the smoking ban. They also do not put off the thousands of toxic chemicals contained in tobacco, so others don’t have to worry about being poisoned by second hand smoke. They can be used in bars, pubs, restaurants, and even in the workplace.

Smokers who might be thinking of switching to electronic cigarettes should consider trying the V1 disposable from Electronic Cigarette Direct before investing in a starter kit. With ECD’s 15% discount on their 10-pack, now is the perfect time to give e-cigarette a try. Each disposable unit gives you the equivalent of 500 puffs which, depending on your smoking habits could equal up to 5-10 packs of tobacco cigarettes. To learn more about the V1 disposable visit the ECD website at

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Electronic Cigarette Direct was founded by former smokers who turned to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco. These individuals are now full-time e-cigarette users who have extensively tested many of the leading brands on the market. They have chosen the VAPESTICK brand because they believe it most accurately simulates the smoking experience without the toxic chemicals associated with tobacco. In addition to disposable e-cigarettes, the company also sells refillable units, starter kits, couples packs, chargers, and charger packs. Company officials are available to answer your questions or provide you with more information. Feel free to contact them at:

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