eBay, Red Pocket Mobile to pair a low-cost wireless plan

A mobile phone is sold every five seconds on eBay in the US, and now, for the first time, anyone who buys a cell phone on eBay has the option of adding a low-cost wireless plan for as little as USD 5 per month, the company said.

eBay´s wireless partner, Red Pocket Mobile, is the only wireless brand that offers service on all of the major US cell networks — and it does so at a fraction of the regular cost.

Red Pocket´s most popular plan is USD 30 per month and provides 5GB of LTE data plus unlimited data at slower speeds, along with unlimited talk, text, and international calling to over 70 countries.

That´s plenty of data for most. The average mobile user in America consumes 2.7GB of cellular data every month, according to Forbes.

For the occasional user, Red Pocket´s Basic Plan on eBay provides 100 minutes, 100 texts and 500MB of LTE data on any major network for just USD 5 per month.