EasyJet grounds fleet following completion of 650 rescue services

EasyJet, a budget air carrier based in the UK, has announced the grounding of its entire fleet of aircraft in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the company said.

EasyJet said it has reached an agreement to furlough cabin crew for a two-month period beginning 1 April, paying them through a UK government job-retention scheme.

EasyJet had already parked much of its fleet, with over 300 Airbus jets, in response to restrictive measures imposed by governments across Europe.

The company completed 650 repatriation and rescue flights, carrying 45,000 passengers.

EasyJet says the fleet grounding removes significant cost from its operation, and is continuing to take steps to cut non-essential expenditure from its business.

The company´s balance sheet is strong, with no debt refinancing until 2022.