Easy-to-overlook ways of saving money on your print marketing

From a financial point of view, the choice between designing and publishing a digital advertisement, and designing, printing and distributing a direct mailer, seems easy. One can be done in a short time, using free software – and published on social media for nothing – while one is, well, costly.

It makes perfect sense, then, that digital has become far more popular than print over the last few years in marketing. Without delving into the wider economic situation, any business owner with one eye on the accounts (so probably any business owner at all!), will occasionally think this is a complete no-brainer of a choice.

However, with print certainly offering a great alternative to easily avoidable digital advertising, and plenty of simple, easily miss-able ways to cut down on costs, there remain great ways to bring some quality print marketing back into your campaigns.

Review your mailing list primarily

Regardless of whether you’ve still been making use of your mailing list, it’s well known that reviewing it is a job that simple never gets done. But the first way of saving money, that people tend to miss, is scrutinising the mailing list for outdated addresses and contacts.

As this blog simply, but effectively highlights, no matter whether you’re using a digital or physical mailing list, it’s not so much the size of it that’s important – but what you do with it that really matters.

DIY the entire process

In the past, you may have used everything from a copywriter, through to a print and distribution company, and played very little part in the process yourself. But what about investing in some more in-house marketing infrastructure?

Obviously, this will depend on the size of your business, but design, marketing and copywriting are becoming skills that more and more people possess, so consider whether you could have a dedicated team on the task. Plus, printing specialists like Duplo International have made high quality in-house print equipment easy to access commercially, too.

Proof everything you distribute

And then proof it again. While poor spelling, grammar and image alignment on your print marketing materials will cost you exactly the same amount to produce and distribute – they’re simply not going to make you as much money in the long run.

With people so used to being bombarded with digital advertisements, every single day, anything less than readable and engaging – even with print – just won’t deliver the desired impact. Be sure to proofread everything, several times, before clicking print and sending it out into the marketing world.

Print exactly what you need

This is another bonus of being able to do everything in-house. You won’t be limited by volume orders, or be tempted to over-spend, in order to accumulate. The last thing you want is box upon box of unused leaflets laying around forever – in fact these may as well just be boxes full of cash you can’t spend! A worrying statistic highlighted by Comms Business states that more than 50% of UK businesses don’t know how much they spend on printing – and that’s not including marketing costs! Ultimately, saving money on print is about attention, and taking responsibility for as much of the process as you possibly can. Like most things in life, the ability to save, when it comes to print marketing, is all in your hands – so don’t be afraid to get them dirty, or ‘inky’, in your quest for the best, cost-effective print campaigns!