East Africa air travel increases

ForwardKeys´ analysis of 2016 international air travel to East Africa in 2016 (January to August) has revealed 11.2 percent growth compared with the same period last year.

The company said air travel growth for Africa as a whole has been 5.6 percent with countries like Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia seeing little growth or a decline.

ForwardKeys said North African countries suffer from political instability and terror activities and Sub Saharan African countries are powering ahead, with Ethiopia up 9.6 percent, Tanzania up 10.6 percent, Mauritius up 11.6 percent, Kenya up 14.9 percent and South Africa is up 11.4 percent.

International bookings for travel to East African countries, up to the end of December 2016 are 17.3 percent ahead of where they were at this time last year. Looking at the main origin markets, the UK is 13 percent ahead, Germany is 21 percent ahead, USA is 21 percent ahead, France is 16.1 percent ahead, the Netherlands is 16.6 percent ahead, South Africa is 9.4 percent ahead and India is 34 percent ahead.

ForwardKeys predicts future travel patterns by crunching and analyzing booking transactions a day. It is used by traveler-focused businesses to monitor and stay ahead of the trends from a particular origin market at a specific time.