EASA issues 6-month suspension of Pakistan International Airlines' operations in EU

The European Union Air Safety Agency (EASA) has announced a six-month suspension of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Pakistan´s national air carrier, from operating in Europe, the agency said.

The EASA said in a statement on June 30 it had suspended state-run Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and a smaller private Pakistan airline in view of the recent investigation reported on in the Pakistani Parliament which revealed that a large share of pilot licenses issued in Pakistan are invalid.

The announcement follows last week´s grounding of 262 Pakistani airline pilots, including a third of PIA pilots, whose licences the country´s aviation minister termed dubious.

PIA said in a statement that EASA suspended PIA´s authorization to operate in the EU member states effective July 1, 2020 with the right to appeal against this decision.

Flights to Britain, which is no longer in the EU, will not be affected by EASA´s decision, Khan said.

PIA had not been flying to Europe because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the airline recently resumed bookings for five European capitals, including Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, and Milan.