EarthLink app delivers real-time visibility, control, software-defined dynamic WAN selection

EarthLink Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: ELNK) said it has launched its Application Performance Optimizationâ„¢, a family of software defined WAN services designed to provide businesses with real-time analytics and visibility into how applications use bandwidth, and the ability to adjust how they consume resources and navigate their network.

As IT organizations roll out more bandwidth-hungry applications, EarthLink Application Performance Optimization helps maximize performance of mission-critical workloads at a great value without the expense of additional bandwidth.

EarthLink Application Performance Optimization leverages Ipanema, InfoVista´s application performance guarantee technology, for monitoring and control of WAN traffic and application performance. EarthLink selected InfoVista, the leading provider of network performance orchestration software solutions, as a key partner because of Ipanema´s strong capabilities to protect business-critical application performance over other traffic and its affordability, an important factor for large, multi-site customers.

EarthLink Application Performance Optimization boosts application performance across the network with two services:

Application visibility and controlâ„¢ for administrators to monitor, troubleshoot, and set alarms and performance benchmarks. Real-time dashboards display quality of service scores per location for jitter, latency, and packet loss and provide automatic system adjustments to preserve prioritization.

Dynamic WAN path selectionâ„¢ chooses the most expedient path for each application, separating critical traffic and dynamically rerouting it when the primary route is congested.
Like other EarthLink solutions, EarthLink Application Performance Optimization is available via the myLink® customer portal. Customizable dashboards deliver monitoring, utilization, troubleshooting, alarming and Application Quality Scores (AQS), an extension of the Mean Opinion Score (MOS), which directly rates the application quality delivered over the network.

EarthLink provides managed network, security and cloud solutions for multi-location businesses.