E-volo test-flies multicopter

E-volo has successfully flown its Volocopter VC200 personal flying machine, the company said.

The Volocopter uses an electric propulsion system, so it has no tailpipe emissions and is not very noisy.

The Volocopter VC200 received the ´permit-to-fly´ as an ultralight aircraft from German aviation authorities in February 2016. In the context of the commenced test program, E-volo has started to conduct manned flights.

The world premiere of a flight with a certified multicopter was made by e-volo managing director Alexander Zosel on 30 March, 2016 on an airfield in Southern Germany. The machine flew at a low altitude at 15mph (25kmh) in its initial test flight.

The vertical take off and landing Volocopter is piloted one-handedly with a single joystick and remains stationary when not being held.

The company plans more tests at higher speeds and higher altitudes before sales start, perhaps as soon as 2018.