Dynamic end-to-end network slicing grows 5G profitability

According to the Strategy Analytics Service Provider Strategies (SPS) report published in conjunction with RCR Wireless, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can grow revenues and enhance profits with dynamic end-to-end (E2E) network slicing in 5G, the company said.

Digging into examples from BT, Verizon and others, Strategy Analytics examines early stage developments and delivers a call to action for more collaboration to address both business and technical challenges to deliver on the promise of network slicing for 5G Return on Investment (RoI). The report and related RCR Webinar and executive interviews include insights from sponsors Intel and InterDigital on key challenges and opportunities, including their work progressing standards at IETF and 3GPP.

The report found that network slicing is a mechanism that will allow CSPs to dynamically allocate network resources in ways that will maximize customer value so that 5G can serve new purposes, adapt to specific needs and drive revenue opportunities. With dynamic E2E network slicing, the industry can begin to move to a model where services expand and contract their use of network resources as traffic demands.

5G network slicing is expected to deliver service agility, enhanced security and “just fit” services for enterprises, among other benefits. In particular, network slicing will enable CSPs to offer Network as a Service (NaaS), with new Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) or partner models for verticals and specific segments/use cases.

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