Dutch startu launches smart bracelet

The Dutch start-up Shake-on said it has launched its smart bracelet in collaboration with one of the worlds biggest technology events with 30,000 attendees: Web Summit in Dublin.

Using its smart bracelet, Shake-on serves every stakeholder at the event: visitors, exhibitors and organizers. For the visitors the bracelet provides a revolutionary service: when two people shake hands upon meeting, contact information is exchanged automatically.

When Shake-on was already selected to pitch on Web Summit, the organization itself showed great interest in the services Shake-on provides with its smart bracelets. Thus the companies decided to work together. “Shake-on´s versatile bracelet and data offering will be a highlight for Web Summit within the Big Data category” says Patrick Griffith, Startups Manager of Web Summit.

The collaboration with Web Summit enables Shake-on to do a showcase during its event, which will take place in Dublin from the 3rd to the 5th of November. The smart bracelet will be worn by a pilot group of visitors, who will exchange real-time data with other visitors by shaking each other´s hands. The software and app that Shake-on provides, will show users the people they have met and where they have been.

Shake-on, a Dutch startup, is incubated since November 2014 in incubator YES!Delft. The smart bracelet is programmed with a unique algorithm that detects the movement of the handshake and, combined with the Shake-on app, automatically exchanges contact information.