DuPage Airport renews CH2M partnership for capital improvements

The DuPage Airport Authority (DAA) has again selected CH2M as its engineering consultant for their ongoing Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the company said.

CH2M will continue its five-year partnership with the authority by providing planning, design, construction and program management services for airside and landside improvements, security and IT upgrades, environmental NEPA support, land use compatibility, capital program development and infrastructure assessments. CH2M previously supported DAA with the widening and rehabilitation of its primary runway, Runway 2L-20R–completed one month ahead of schedule and USD500,000 below budget–as well as enabling runway extensions and taxiway improvements. Responding to the airport´s capacity needs, CH2M also completed the bridging-documents for a 30,000-square-foot hangar, currently under construction.

Chicagoland´s DuPage Airport is the owner and operator of a large business aviation facility located in the Western suburban area. It offers 2,800 acres of property with over 30 businesses, including the DuPage Flight Center, and is a general aviation airport in Illinois with four active runaways, two ILS approaches and a 24-hour FAA Air Control Tower.

CH2M delivers sustainable solutions benefiting societal, environmental and economic outcomes with the development of infrastructure and industry.