Dubdub debuts new mobile app

Video editing app Dubdub has debuted, tackling the challenge of long production times and complex editing processes to produce high-quality videos on mobile that can be shared in real-time, the company said.

eMarketer said consumers continue to increase time spent watching video on mobile devices, and mobile video is set to grow 700 percent in the next four years. Despite the rise of demand for more video content, bloggers and influencers have difficulty producing timely content to meet the demands of their audiences.

The company said creating quality video content can be intimidating and costly. Dubdub can empower bloggers to harness the influence of video to get noticed in today´s saturated market, and give them a platform to be seen by more fans and potential sponsors.

The company said is has partnered with companies, including TravelMassive, Inglot and Eatertaiment Special Events, to provide bloggers with the mobile video app and enable them to create short, sharable content for their fans and followers.

Dubdub is a video creation mobile app that enables bloggers and consumers to create, edit and post up to 90-second high quality videos within the dubdub mobile app.