DTC Communications chosen for FBI network solutions support

DTC Communications, Inc. (DTC), a provider of Mesh Ad Hoc Networks and Video Broadcast technology has received an award as prime on a USD 100M IDIQ (Multi-Award Contract) to support the FBI´s Operational Technology Division with the multi-band Phase 5 NETNode and SOLO8 Software Defined Radios (SDR) systems, the company said.

DTC has a rich history of industry Mesh and Broadcast solutions across a wide spectrum of demanding applications. Including world class sporting events from marathons, to yacht racing and a variety of motor sports, our remote transmitters and Mesh networks have been the choice of professional broadcasters and Network providers.

The Phase 5 NETNode IP Mesh Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) radio provides a self-healing and extremely scalable wireless IP network in both ground and airborne applications. This highly flexible mesh topology means that data can be exchanged between nodes in a point-to-point, or multi-point fashion and the range can be extended by using nodes as repeaters. DTC´s self-forming mesh architecture provides high-capacity multi-domain IP connectivity that sits seamlessly alongside private and public networks.

The SOLO8 SDR (Software Defined Radio) supports dual High Definition HD-SDI inputs and is available in three package configurations designed to meet the specific needs of law enforcement. The SOLO8 SDR also provides both USB and Ethernet I/O interfaces for maximum flexibility. The Ethernet interface supports IP streaming of video via both ´RTSP´ and multicast streaming compliant to ONVIF Profile S. The SOLO8 SDR unit can effectively be an IP encoder, front end recorder, a COFDM transmitter, or an IP Mesh NETNode in one box.