DroneSeed names Tesla co-founder as observer to board

Deforestation startup DroneSeed has announced it has named Marc Tarpenning, Spero partner & Tesla co-founder, to its board as an observer, the company said.

DroneSeed utilizes heavy-lift drone swarms to reforest after wildfires. Its mission is to make reforestation scalable to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.

DroneSeed focuses on three obstacles to scaling reforestation:

-Reducing the two-four year supply chain delay in reforesting after fires down to 60 days by using patented seed vessels;
-Increasing the daily reforestation rate possible by six times with drone swarms to fly over rough terrain; and
-Connecting reforestation to capital from carbon credit markets.

DroneSeed has received three FAA waivers, which make it the only company legal to do this work with drone swarms in the United States. The company has contracts with The Nature Conservancy, Timber Companies and Tribal Nations, as well as receiving several patents.