Drones of Prey report Gatwick airport shutdown could have been avoided

Texas-based counter-drone security startup Birds of Prey has announced the 36-hour drone-caused shutdown of Gatwick Airport could have been avoided, the company said.

The shutdown of London´s Gatwick affected over 120,000 travelers with costs expected to run into the millions of dollars. Gatwick is estimated to have lost over GBP 450,000 (USD 570,000) in revenue.

Drones of Prey said places like airports, stadiums and critical infrastructure sites, those most at risk, often have a lack of reliable solutions at their disposal. There are systems available that could have tracked these drone flights, determined points of origin, and even helped to catch the people involved.

only a few locations have installed counter-drone solutions, and those that have been installed are often insufficient due to the increasing sophistication in standard drone capabilities, such as autonomous flight and collision avoidance systems.

Sites must become more proactive in implementing counter-drone solutions. An airport shutdown, while costly and inconvenient, is low on the scale of what drones can be used to do, with concerns ranging from privacy issues to potential violent attacks.

Drones of Prey is working to keep places like Gatwick Airport safe and secure from the rising threats from drone technologies. By training physical sensors, Drones of Prey ensures reliable identification and tracking.