DroneInch unveils drone operations management platform for carrier class

DroneInch, Inc. has announced DroneInch 2.0, a carrier-class drone operations management platform, that works across a range of DJI consumer, professional and enterprise thermal drones, the company said.

The platform´s features include remote and compliant flight planning, carrier-class operations, multi-stakeholder workflows and flexible pricing models.

DroneInch´s platform enables customers to manage their drone operations from flight planning to executing the mission to driving collaborative workflows.

Capabilities include:
• Carrier-class Drone Operations Management
• Remote and Compliant Flight Planning
• Multi-stakeholder Workflows
• Effortless Autonomous Flights
• High Quality, Rich Data
• Flexible Pricing Models

DroneInch equips organizations with a single platform for managing thousands of flights, where every flight can be planned remotely, and all flights are compliant and safe. Individual businesses can manage multiple users and Service Providers can manage several clients at scale. DroneInch serves multiple industries such as military, government, agriculture, vineyards, sports, rails and roads, construction, real estate, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and public safety.