Drone Services USA gets 3 FAA 333 exemptions

Drone Services USA, Inc. (OTC Markets: DSUS) said that on August 5, 2015, DSUS Director, Solomon Nieves was granted an FAA 333 exemption, and on August 29, 2015, DSUS CEO & President, Joel Bredow, received his exemption notification.

On September 1, 2015, Directors Mike Elliott and George Purdy of Drone Services Hawaii received their FAA 333 exemption.

“This is beyond exciting for the company,” said CEO & President, Joel Bredow. “The stretch of time between submitting an application for this exemption and actually receiving a response, whether positive or negative, takes several months. While awaiting response from the FAA it was imperative that as a company whose operations depend in large part on obtaining the exemption we remain in lockstep, posturing ourselves for what´s next.”

DSUS added that its director of SAR, FIRE & FAA Affairs, George Purdy, is presently completing negotiations at the University of Alaska for an FAA test flight certification program. Purdy arrived on August 30, 2015 and is expected to return to the Hawaii facility in the next several days where he is expected to announce the consummation of these negotiations and details.