Drone Racing League launches DRL RacerAI

Drone racing circuit The Drone Racing League (DRL) has announced the launch of the league´s autonomous racing drone DRL RacerAI, the company said.

Designed to be the first autonomous robot to defeat a human in a physical sport, the DRL RacerAI will help close the gap between artificial intelligence (AI) and human performance.

DRL RacerAI has a radical drone configuration to provide its computer vision with a non-obstructive frontal view during racing. Generating 20 pounds of thrust, each self-flying drone is equipped with a powerful AI-at-the-edge compute platform, the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier, and is connected to four onboard stereoscopic cameras — enabling the AI to detect and identify objects with twice the field of view as human pilots.

The Drone Racing League (DRL) is the global, professional drone racing circuit for elite FPV (First Person View) pilots. A technology, sports and media company, DRL combines media and proprietary technology to create 3D drone racing content.