Drone flight operations supported with weather data from Weather Company, AirMap

The Weather Company, an IBM business (NYSE: IBM) has partnered with AirMap to deliver real-time hyper local weather data directly to drone operators, the company said.

Drone operators will be able to access the weather data from The Weather Company via AirMap´s app for iOS and Apple Watch as well as AirMap´s APIs for developers.

On August 29, 2016, drones will be cleared for takeoff in the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration recently published a new section of the Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 107, which defines new rules for commercial drone flights. As part of the new regulations, remote pilots of unmanned aircrafts are required to be familiar with available weather information prior to flight departure.

The Weather Company´s forecasting platform produces precise weather forecasts every fifteen minutes for 2.2 billion locations worldwide. Drone operators will gain access to real-time data such as current and forecasted conditions, including temperature, precipitation, pressure and cloud cover.

The Weather Company is a large private weather enterprise, offering weather data and insights, as well as marketers and businesses via Weather´s API, its business solutions division, and its own digital products from The Weather Channel and Weather Underground.

AirMap is a provider of airspace information and services for unmanned aircraft.