DreamMaker introduces around-the-world trip to fund Passport to 50 project

DreamMaker has debuted Experiential Aviation, its USD 13,875,000 private jet trip around the world named Passport to 50, the company said.

The concept introduces Experiential Aviation as an unparalleled experience in the sky that transforms notions of private jet travel from being a mode of transportation to an experience all on its own. The DreamMaker experience is slated for August 11, 2017, covering 20 cities in 20 days.

Some key features include inflight yoga sessions, spa services, fashion shows, and a hybrid of hypnotherapy and sleep therapy by holistic health guru April Norris. The services of a photojournalist, videographer, and social media secretary are enlisted to document the trip for guests on board, leaving more bandwidth for clients to enjoy the many aspects of their vacation.

Another vital part of Experiential Aviation is the personalities invited onboard for casual and intimate interactions. From conversations with individuals such as boxing legend Roberto Duran to the former chef of the Queen of England, or even a USD 500,000 charity poker tournament with Daniel Negreanu, guests can choose their level of engagement with the individuals who are hopping on and off different legs of the flights.

Upon its sale, Passport to 50 will fund the provision of clean drinking water for 50,000 at-risk children, builds fun centers for over 50,000 children suffering from life-threatening illnesses, and provides 50 children at each of the 50 chosen Cambodian villages to receive bicycles for transport to school. Charity partners include Water.org, Starlight Children´s Foundation U.K., Make-a-Wish Foundation Philippines, and Whole Child International.

Rooted in multiple layers of creative design, DreamMaker (formerly Tours of Enchantment) is a 28-year old experiential travel and design boutique with an emphasis on experiences that have never been done before.