Dos Rios, Akoya Capital invest in DiSTI

The DiSTI Corporation, a provider of customized 3D virtual maintenance training solutions and graphical user interface software to the aerospace, automotive, medical, and training industries, has received a financial investment from Dos Rios Partners and Akoya Capital Partners, the company said.

The investment will allow the company to significantly expanding its market share of innovative 3-D user interface software tools and services into the aerospace, defense, training, and automotive markets.

The three founding partners of DiSTI, Darren Humphrey, Joe Swinski, and Bill Andrews, will continue to serve in their executive roles and sit on the newly formed Board of Directors. The board is comprised of members from Dos Rios, Akoya, and DiSTI with John Regazzi of Akoya serving as Chairman.

DiSTI´s founding partners, with the advice and assistance of Capstone Partners LLC, pursued this strategy with Dos Rios and Akoya based on their highly selective portfolio of sector-based investments in industry leaders and their partnership-focused approach to growing organizations.

Dos Rios is a Texas-based private equity partnership that invests in the junior (i.e., common equity, preferred equity and/or mezzanine debt) securities of proven, growing niche businesses with approximately USD 2 — USD 12 million in EBITDA, alongside strong, motivated management teams.

Akoya Capital is a sector focused investment firm that creates and nurtures partnerships between management and capital. The firm collaborates with industry sector leaders, proprietary platform organizations, experienced management teams, and co-investors to develop and execute industry sector acquisition strategies that deliver measurable value for management, partners and shareholders.

The DiSTI Corporation provides graphical user interface software and customized 3-D virtual maintenance training solutions. Its flagship product, GL Studio, delivers advanced high-performance 3-D user interfaces to the aerospace, automotive, medical, and training industries. The company´s user interface technology also expands into 3-D virtual maintenance training. Its VE Studio is a proven process and toolset for managing the development of complex virtual environments for use in 3-D maintenance and task training applications.