Dog walking app launches in Seattle

Wag!, the first app to provide dog owners with instant access to quality dog walkers, said it is launching in Seattle after successful launches in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

Its launch in Seattle is part of the company´s plan for continued growth across the nation and a perfect fit for the dog-loving metropolis.

With Wag!, insured, bonded and loving dog walkers can be summoned with as little as 30-minutes notice or scheduled regularly and walks can be tracked on users´ phones by GPS in real-time. A “pup report” is delivered through the app at the end of each walk including a picture/video of the pet, map of the walk, and pee/poop report. Currently the cost is USD20 for a 30-minute walk, with an additional USD5 per dog in the same household. Walkers are available from 7:00am until 11:00pm. Users may also schedule an optional “meet and greet” with their walker ahead of time.

“Essentially, we have placed a trusted and insured dog walker in your pocket, and for the first time your dog has its own app on your phone,” said Josh Viner, co-founder of Wag!

Wag! was created based on Viner´s hesitations to own a pet given his busy schedule as a tech entrepreneur in LA. Viner founded Wag! with the mission to make it easier to own a dog. Viner then connected with Jason Meltzer of Surfdog LA and asked him to join the Wag! team based on his vast experience in the industry as one of Los Angeles´ best loved dog walking businesses.