Docket Software Wins Zoom Competition

Docket, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for managing intelligent meetings, has announced its selection as the winner of the Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM) App Marketplace competition, the company said.

The event included a top prize of up to USD 2 million in potential funding by Emergence Capital, Horizons Ventures, Maven Ventures and Sequoia Capital.

The final round of the competition was held via Zoom Webinar on Friday, May 8, with each of the 10 finalists presenting a one-minute video pitch of their product or service and fielding questions from event moderators and judges.

Docket´s innovative suite maximizes the time spent before, during and after meetings, making it simple for users to collaboratively create and share agendas, take notes and share recaps and action-items in one platform.

Led by CEO, Co-Founder and SaaS veteran Darin Brown, Docket is the 14th company to launch out of High Alpha´s venture studio. Prior to co-founding Docket, Brown served as the CTO of Angie´s List and Vice President at Salesforce and ExactTarget.

Docket is a meeting intelligence platform that enables and enhances every stage of the meeting by providing tools that create better meeting habits for greater efficiency and alignment. The Docket SaaS platform is flexible and customizable to aid any process, business and industry as well as providing integrations to chat, calendar, video communications and CRM providers to support any desired meeting workflow. To learn more, visit